Road Signs

We always manufacture the road signs in accordance with the Road Technical Regulations being in effect, and with the regulations of the order no. 4/2001. (I. 31.) of KöViM (Ministry of Traffic).

We use most frequently galvanized sheets as base plates, it is weatherproof, on the one hand, and rarely falls a victim to the thieves, on the other hand. On request we fabricate aluminium, dust-sprayed galvanized sheet, DIBONT wood and plastic-based signs, too.

For the covering of the signs’ surfaces we always use high quality retroreflecting EG foils with a minimum of 7 years endurance and retroreflecting HI and DG foils with high brightness and microprisms with a minimum of 10 years endurance.

Our company’s services provided for the customers include the distribution of fittings and fixing technical devices (posts, clamps, bases) and the positioning of signs or boards.

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