Painting of road markings

Our company’s other main profile is the painting of road markings. We undertake to paint or repaint longitudinal and cross road markings with acoustic yellow slowing lateral stripes, and to paint or repaint structured and profiled signs on:

– highways, state public roads, main roads and motorways
– sporting grounds, sports halls, etc.
– plants and production halls
– industrial parks, shopping centres, logistics centres
– parking garages, parking lots, underground car-parks.

Also, we undertake
– painting road markings with reduced solvent content (HS)
– painting water-based road markings
– painting spray-plastic (SP) road markings
– painting cold plastic (HP) road markings
– painting hot plastic (TP) road markings
– positioning prefabricated long-lasting and temporary road markings
– creating tactile markings for blind people and for people with poor vision.

Our available equipment fleet:
To make additions!
– HOFFMANN longitudinal road marking paint machine
– BORUM long-lasting hot plastic machine
– Line Laser mobile small equipment

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