Painting of road markings

Our company’s other main profile is the painting of road markings. We undertake to paint or repaint longitudinal and cross road markings with acoustic yellow slowing lateral stripes, and to paint or repaint structured and profiled signs on:

– highways, state public roads, main roads and motorways
– sporting grounds, sports halls, etc.
– plants and production halls
– industrial parks, shopping centres, logistics centres
– parking garages, parking lots, underground car-parks.

Also, we undertake
– painting road markings with reduced solvent content (HS)
– painting water-based road markings
– painting spray-plastic (SP) road markings
– painting cold plastic (HP) road markings
– painting hot plastic (TP) road markings
– positioning prefabricated long-lasting and temporary road markings
– creating tactile markings for blind people and for people with poor vision.

Our available equipment fleet:
To make additions!
– HOFFMANN longitudinal road marking paint machine
– BORUM long-lasting hot plastic machine
– Line Laser mobile small equipment

Road Signs

We always manufacture the road signs in accordance with the Road Technical Regulations being in effect, and with the regulations of the order no. 4/2001. (I. 31.) of KöViM (Ministry of Traffic).

We use most frequently galvanized sheets as base plates, it is weatherproof, on the one hand, and rarely falls a victim to the thieves, on the other hand. On request we fabricate aluminium, dust-sprayed galvanized sheet, DIBONT wood and plastic-based signs, too.

For the covering of the signs’ surfaces we always use high quality retroreflecting EG foils with a minimum of 7 years endurance and retroreflecting HI and DG foils with high brightness and microprisms with a minimum of 10 years endurance.

Our company’s services provided for the customers include the distribution of fittings and fixing technical devices (posts, clamps, bases) and the positioning of signs or boards.

Szabados-OK Kft. (EN)

Szabados-ok Kft. was incorporated in August, 2001 based on the founders’ one and a half decades of experience gained in this profession.

The company has been operated profitably from the beginnings so it has become a determining market participant in the fields of traffic safety and traffic technique within a short period of time.

The dynamic development is proved by the fact that the company, which has started to operate with 4 persons, employees almost 20 persons currently and owns a 760 m2 site and technical infrastructure which satisfy every demand.

Each of the company’s employee has the proper qualification and several years of professional experience; the company puts great emphasis on their higher training and also to update and increase their knowledge continuously.

We do our best to serve out customers with a wide range of products and services in each field of the traffic safety, from the manufacturing and positioning of traffic road signs, through the paining of road markings to the installation of public road LED traffic technical and other safety devices.

Our business policy is characterized by the effort to be up-to-date, to satisfy the market requirements and that is why we are open to novelties.

We meet the high quality requirements set towards our products by carefully choosing the circle of suppliers, by high quality work and with the help of ISO-900, ISO 14001 and 28001 standards, as well as within the framework of the Integrated Control System; at the same time we offer our products and services at favourable prices.

We do our best to manage our customers’ demands as flexible as possible. As a result of our efforts the circle of our customers is widening continuously.
Please view our products, services and references on the following pages. If we have persuaded you, we will be glad to serve you.

With best regards:

László Szabados

Our contact details:

Telephone: +36 42 548-032;
Fax :+36 42 548-033;